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1992 – Established in June, we have capital for 5 million.
1993 – First floor stand banknote counter was born, named TBM-S1.
1995 – First tabletop banknote counter was on sale, named TBM-D1.This was the smallest and slightest banknote counter in the world.
1996 – TBM-S1 and TBM-D1 got EMC Certificate.
1997 – Upgrading and replacing the material of suction spindle with Nylon, this change made suction spindle more endurable.
1999 – TBM-S100 and TBM-D100 were on sale.
2000 – We obtained ISO 9001:1994 Certificate, and the patent for Nylon suction spindle in Taiwan.
2003 – Developing new models TBM-M1 and TBM-F1, we got EMC Certificate. They were the smallest and slightest banknote counters in the world. We successfully converted into ISO 9001:2000.
2004 – The first generation of TBM-M1 and TBM-F1 started on sale. Our capital increased to 25 million. Also both models were issued 3C Certificate for China market.
2005 – PLUS model was on sale, special suction spindle was designed for our Indonesian customer for counting banknote with small damaged holes that caused by staplers. This new device of suction spindle obtained patents in Japan and Korea.
2006 – Upgrading and improving the first generation of TBM series banknote counters in June, the counting speed was approached 2,400 NPM (100 notes / 2.5 sec). New device of suction spindle obtained patent in China.
2007 – All machines were built with lead-free parts and match with RoHS requested. All machines’ speed is 2,400npm. (100 notes / 2.5 sec)
2009 – We successfully converted into ISO 9001:2008 
2011 – All the machine contained auto filter device, and added O-ring sliver thread to clean the dust thoroughly. This new device filter obtained patents in Japan, Korea and China.
2012 – Developing new upgraded models for TBM-M1 and TBM-F1, named M1-AIR and F1-AIR. New models launched in September, the counting speed was approached to 3,000 NPM (100 notes / 2 sec) and added dust-lid and combing spring function.
2013 – All machine adopt the newest designed suction spindle and clamper, and it has better accuracy for counting old banknote. New device of AIR series, dust-lid and combing spring, obtained patents in Japan and China.
2015 – Upgraded M1-AIR and F1-AIR with variable counting speeds were on sale in October. There are five counting speeds that are 3000NPM, 2000NPM, 1500NPM, 1200NPM and 1000NPM. That is, (2, 3, 4, 5, 6 sec)/ 100 notes for user selection.
2017 – Variable speeds model M1-AIR and F1-AIR got EMC Certificate.
2018 – Variable speeds model D1(VS) and S1(VS) were officially on sale. Besides, we successfully converted into ISO 9001:2015.


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